The Health Research Chair


The ‘Digital Systems and Life Sciences’ Research Chair provides a forum in which the diverse aspects of micro-technologies, digital systems and life sciences can converge. It provides the multidisciplinary scientific and technical support which is sorely needed to promote the creation and development of start-ups seeking to exploit the expectations and possibilities afforded by biotechnologies.


To structure this convergence, the Research Chair brings together the expertise of the Yncréa schools and the life sciences start-up incubation ecosystem by working with hospitals and stakeholders in the healthcare field.


The scientific expertise within the Chair includes the generation of data from living material using advanced micro-system technologies in biology and medicine, and the processing of this information by the application of big data artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to both data and images.


The Chair’s research topics are proposed by the head of the Chair in consultation with the corporate funder(s) and the laboratories involved in the group. The SMMiL-E project is emblematic of the Chair’s initiatives. It brings together the BioMEMS technology resources at the CNRS (France’s national scientific research centre) and Tokyo University in a cancer research project based in the Hauts-de-France region, in partnership with the Oscar Lambret Centre.