Student life at ISEN        

As an international student getting involved in out-of-class activities is one of the best ways to make friends with your French classmates. ISEN offers a wide range of clubs and sports activities, so don’t hesitate to come along!

#Student clubs

Here are a few examples of the clubs available at ISEN Brest and Nantes

The BDI –International Student club A VOIR§

Club Evasion – for your relaxation and leisure time, this club organizes social activities, excursions and outings outside the school: paintball, bowling, go-karting and an affordable ski holiday

Club Elec/Info – help with designing your IT ideas, multiplayer video game tournaments, guest talks etc.

Wiki radio: Participate in running ISEN’s very own web radio station

Movie-zen: ISEN’s short film society –filming of all ISEN’s key events, loan of equipment to students. See Movie zen’s films on You Tube and facbeook.

BDD : The ISEN Sustatinable Development club : promotes sustainability, resource-sharing and energy saving. Encourages car-pooling, campaigns against food waste and offers a delivery service for locally-produced organic fruit and vegetable boxes;

BDA: This is ISEN’s club devoted to the arts. It organizes cultural activities and outings and offers reduced price tickets for the cinema, theatre, concerts and shows. BDA members take photos of all ISEN’s events and hold photo competitions.


The ISEN Student Sports Union, the BDS, organizes a wide range of sports such as football, rugby, handball, basket ball etc. In Brest, training sessions are held at the start of the week and matches against other university teams take place on T