Project work at ISEN OUEST

Learning by doing

Project work plays an essential role in the training of ISEN students, and a major project assignment is included in each year of the study programme.

Students work in small teams to apply theoretical concepts to real-life contexts. Working to fixed deadlines, they are expected to produce feasible and practical results. In this way, they acquire valuable project management skills by learning how to plan their work, allocate tasks, and work efficiently as a team. Each team presents their proposal in a business-style presentation on the final day of the project session.

Long-term projects

Projects in Years 1 and 2 take place during the final two weeks of the academic year. Year 3 includes a longer project conducted in the Spring semester and there is a 10-week project at Master’s level in Year 5.

Student teams choose a subject from those proposed by ISEN’s academic staff or corporate partners. They are expected to act as professionals by interacting regularly with their ‘client ’ to define the project specifications and to  produce and present the required deliverables.

Multicultural teamwork experience

International students are encouraged to enroll in the project classes. Mixed-nationality teams will be formed and this will provide an excellent opportunity for French and international students to gain intercultural teamwork experience together. Scientific teaching staff will supervise the technical project content and a cross-cultural trainer will also be available to assist groups with their cross-cultural interactions.

Examples of projects VIDEOS